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Deshi Spizer 1 Custom
23 Jan 2008 comment on Deshi Spizer 1 Custom

Estilos are possibly the rarest skates out there. Saw some size 9s on ebay a few days ago. If you get them don't do much to them. You after the gray ones or black? I prefer details myself... I've posted two detail links on this thing, I think they're incredible.
TRS Alpha-1 Customs
23 Jan 2008 comment on TRS Alpha-1 Customs

Thanks alot man
Deshi Spizer 1 Custom
22 Jan 2008 comment on Deshi Spizer 1 Custom

I like the way you do these crazy customs... think the TRS looked a bit messy though :s
TRS Alpha-1 Customs
22 Jan 2008 comment on TRS Alpha-1 Customs

Would you please post a picture of the shell, i want to see how to increase a boot's size
Alpha-Morale hybrid
22 Jan 2008 comment on Alpha-Morale hybrid

[quote=Roll_Model]I hate when people insist that its a not a different skate. Its the same shell so by changing the skin you changed it from the A2 to the Frankies[/quote] You can change every part of the skate, but as long as it's the shell you bought (even though it's the same) it's still and A2

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