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Country: DE Netherlands
State: Noord-Holland
City: Zaandam


Member Since: 18 Sep 2007
Last Seen: 20 Aug 2014
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Thisissoul Custom Razors Impact
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Thisissoul custom USD - Classic Throne
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Solo Custom
10 Dec 2009 comment on Solo Custom

no he did not. All rollerblade cuffs fit on al skates, past and present. even the tarmac, trs ligning cuffs will fit on these and since the roces and lighnigs were the same molds, even the roces cuffs will fit on all the rollerblade skates. so.
Solo Custom
09 Dec 2009 comment on Solo Custom

It is a point 8 cuff [quote=eg0u3067]Tight set-up! what cuff u using?[/quote]
Solo Custom
09 Dec 2009 comment on Solo Custom

Sick Laces Baschno!
roces chapter
04 Dec 2009 comment on roces chapter

Sexy!! looks like the soulplate is a bit much to the back Like the grey/grey combo.
ramh39s  razornimh hybrid
04 Dec 2009 comment on ramh39s razornimh hybrid

first time this skin looks good. Great job!

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