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k2 style points bob
13 Apr 2008 comment on k2 style points bob

that shit would be bad ass with that v-cuff i might try that out on mine! [quote=illthrilla]ms paint bitches!!!! :nod: if these cuffs were red they would be sweet, i didnt feel like coloring them. maybe grey would be cool, white doesnt look that bad either. [/quote]
k2 style points bob
12 Apr 2008 comment on k2 style points bob

[size=7][/size][size=7][/size] [size=7]RAZOR.SKATE IS[/size] [size=7]G[/size] [size=7]A[/size] [size=7]Y[/size] [size=7]G[/size] [size=7]A[/size] [size=7]Y[/size] [size=7]G[/size] [size=7]A[/size] [size=7]Y[/size] [quote=Razor.Skat[size=7]e[/size]r][size=7]S[/size] [size=7]H[/size] [size=7]I[/size] [size=7]T[/size] [size=7][/size] [size=7]S[/size] [size=7]H[/size] [size=7]I[/size] [size=7]T[/size] [size=7][/size] [size=7]S[/size] [size=7]H[/size] [size=7]I[/size] [size=7]T[/size] [size=7][/size] [size=7]S[/size] [size=7]H[/size] [size=7]I[/size] [size=7]T[/size] [size=7][/size] [size=7]S[/size] [size=7]H[/size] [size=7]I[/size] [size=7]T[/size] [size=7][/size] [size=7]S[/size] [size=7]H[/size] [size=7]I[/size] [size=7]T[/size] [size=7][/size] [size=7]S[/size] [size=7]H[/size] [size=7]I[/size] [size=7]T[/size] [size=7][/size] [size=7]S[/size] [size=7]H[/size] [size=7]I[/size] [size=7]T[/size] [/quote]
k2 style points bob
12 Apr 2008 comment on k2 style points bob

i wow it came a long way from those first pics u posted this skate has always been one of my favs.
08 Apr 2008 comment on lennens

everytime I add these something jacks the link up so here they r again.
K2 Stylepoint Bobs
08 Apr 2008 comment on K2 Stylepoint Bobs

[quote=Tj]I deonot get this extra tongue thing at all, why it needs to be fatter, now it looks like its having 2 liners?how did u get it there glued?please explain i donät know stuff but i gotta agree with ninja 9 about the tongue. [/quote] anyway both you guys need to learn your history on skating. this is why all the skates now look like damn ski boots. back in the day this use to be pimp. now you may not think so but every body and there mother that had these of any other boot you could add a tongue they did. also around this time muti laces were big.

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