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usd carlos legacy old school non-ufs k2
12 Nov 2008 comment on usd carlos legacy old school non-ufs k2

probably the best custom on this site. words cannot describe it man.
Deshi CH1 Benny
11 Nov 2008 comment on Deshi CH1 Benny

look you toss ups, it's a big J. a big J did not have a big J on the tongue! a big J liner said juggernaut on it! EXACTLY THE F'KING SAME.
Deshi CH1 Benny
10 Nov 2008 comment on Deshi CH1 Benny

defo, that's a big J. it has juggernaut writen on the tongue (not there on the vent) and maybe the big give away...NEOPRENE?! god.
Deshi CH1 Benny
09 Nov 2008 comment on Deshi CH1 Benny

that's a jug Big J liner.
razor shima 7
07 Nov 2008 comment on razor shima 7

[quote=razorchristian9911]how about...looking at the skates,not the money?[/quote] you absolute loser. you spent time arranging your 'dolla' around your skates, obviously wanting people to look at it at think 'wow, he's so rich and cool'. people think you're an idiot.

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