My Skates 7-18-08

This is my skate collection as of 7-18-08...


xlarge 00 says (18 Jul 2008)

Those frames are sick. Wow. I like your wheel shelf. Looks like a store.
SkateSetup DE says (18 Jul 2008)

nice.. you have way to many frames!
*Rasta* 00 says (18 Jul 2008)

wooooooowwwww duuuuudeeeee!!! you can open a skate shop with all that
stubbsy 00 says (18 Jul 2008)

that roces you have set up down in the bottom left of the last picture is pure gold.
iROLL35 00 says (18 Jul 2008)

[quote=stubbsy]that roces you have set up down in the bottom left of the last picture is pure gold. [/quote] ^^ only good roces ever ever seen and they are sick
606streetsoldier 00 says (18 Jul 2008)

you gotta buncha brand new frames and shit, and yet you latest boot is from like 04. well other than those g6... do you own a skateshop or somn?
punkpc 00 says (19 Jul 2008)

no I'm old school and just started skating again. I've been trying out stuff to see what I like. I have a good paying job so that helps with buying all the stuff. Plus finding some really good deals on ebay doesn't hurt :)
shimakid12 00 says (19 Jul 2008)

Hey man, what size are the reign liners? If size 9 or 10 would you consider selling them to me, I've been desperately trying to get some reign liners but no one has any. Awesome collection though man, let me know please, I have good money if the condition is right. <br>
shimakid12 00 says (21 Jul 2008)

...please can I buy those reigns ?:(
punkpc 00 says (22 Jul 2008)

might be willing to let the camos go... there 10's got some contact info? are you on one of the skate forums?
shimakid12 00 says (22 Jul 2008)

I'm on amall, rollerwarehouse, and be-mag under shimakid12, but we talk via email too if that's alright with you? My email is So you're not willing to part with the neoprenes though? I would love to have both pairs if possible. Just get back to me when you have a chance, thanks man.
speedy9_78 00 says (24 Jul 2008)

dude you're such a maniac...i like it:D
606streetsoldier 00 says (24 Jul 2008)

you got them roces lookin tight son. what you kizer elements?
606streetsoldier 00 says (24 Jul 2008)

what you want for them kizer elements?****
calbob76 00 says (03 Aug 2008)

i want some old GC frames, but i cant find them anywhere!
commit 00 says (05 Aug 2008)

haha, you have the KG's and Franky's, all you need is the team frame then your senate frame collection would be complete. doesn't look like you skated those camo liners much, wouldn't blame you, i had a pair and they were almost as bad as the sinister 2 liners. my ankles will never forgive me for that error in judgment. those M12's with the point 8's and pump liners are sick. how much for those black m12 shells in last picture? and are all these size 10ish?
djscout 00 says (06 Oct 2008)

those reign liners are sick mann!!!
living_on_skates 00 says (06 Oct 2008)

are you selling those murda liners? =)

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