cuffless 0802

i took the cuffs off and they've got even more flex:D -


stubbsy 00 says (04 Jun 2008)

damn theyy must flex like a right bitch.
GrafKID 00 says (04 Jun 2008)

whoa. that must be uber flexy
NoiL 00 says (04 Jun 2008)

why u do dat man ?
*Rasta* 00 says (04 Jun 2008)

[highlight=#cccccc]more flex more fun. and yes they are like ruber!!![/highlight]
Alonzho 00 says (04 Jun 2008)

I prefer more support, anyway remz are super flex by it self...and I have a broken ankle... so ... greetings from chile
speedy9_78 00 says (04 Jun 2008)

well...i have a problem with my right ankle and that's one of the reasons why i took the cuffs off...but it's a lot better without cuffs(i had v-cut cuffs). there's no risk in breaking your ankle cuz the internal cuff givess you enough support
bruntus 00 says (04 Jun 2008)

why would you need flex? the less flex the better, smother your style becomes!!!!!!!!!!! and -fucking learn to use your knees, the skate shoulnt do everything for you i hope you break your ankle for being an idiot! you might learn something
speedy9_78 00 says (04 Jun 2008)

no flex? u probably have razors=)) . well, jack'a$$ u do need flex if you're gonna use ur skates for anything else besides chopping wood. mentally underdeveloped dumb'a$$
bruntus 00 says (05 Jun 2008)

whattttttt razors dont have flex? hahaha you have no -loving idea and its obvious you have juts started skating, otherwise who would even think about skating one of the flexiest, unstable skates without a cuff? even your friend on rollernews thinks your an idiot for skating cuffless!
teajae2002 US says (05 Jun 2008)

this is a doctors dream....the kind of thinking that breaks ankles
Ivan STI
Ivan STI 00 says (05 Jun 2008)

Why do you people hate so much?? It's HIS setup not ours... Besides I dare you to try a remz cuffless with the strap done tight to see if it's unstable or floppy. It's not... the outer cuff and buckle on remz does pretty much nothing since remz primary support system comes from the inner strap on the inner cuff. I'm amazed at the amount of biased opinions here without ever actually skating these. Ankle support is still perfectly well without the second cuff... I repeat it's HIS setup... To each his own...
speedy9_78 00 says (05 Jun 2008)

[highlight=#cccccc]initially the people who designed the remz put on only the internal cuffs...but i suppose bruntus knows better than some skate designers or pro skaters...[/highlight]
teajae2002 US says (05 Jun 2008)

not hating if you think thats enough support your crazy...i remember the first remz were like this 10 years ago but they changed for a reason
Ix42 00 says (10 Jun 2008)

tight as fu ck is the way2 go. its all in the knees. but if they work 4 u the rock 'em
OKIFYOUSAYSO 00 says (09 Jul 2008)

remz break in so well there's really no need to skate cuffless. but hey, do what you like. i skated flop-style (on a used pair) for a year - until i bought some 0703s (which i left fully cuffed). of course, i did more progressing in the first three months of skating them 'tight' than i did in a whole entire year of skating flop-stylee. lots of cuff is better for control, imo.
Kofster77 00 says (18 Sep 2008)

i just don't see the point. you get so much flex and control with the the cuff on anyways. so why take it off?
luisu AR says (24 Oct 2009)

muy mal gusto men.
celticpryde 00 says (25 Oct 2009)

'like' O.M.G... did u 'like' see that guy? 'like' he wears his skates 'like' the way he wants. lets 'like' rag on him online cuz 'like' hes not the same as 'like' us. Props bro.. as long as u love ur skates and love to skate then do ur thing. not one of us out here know a dam thing about ur skating.

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Uploaded by: speedy9_78

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Category: Skates
Brand: Remz
Model: Skinned Boot

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Uploaded: 04 Jun 2008
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