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Country: DE United Kingdom
State: Hampshire
City: Abberton


Member Since: 14 Jun 2008
Last Seen: 23 May 2021
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Razors Genesys 8
12 Feb 2009 comment on Razors Genesys 8

Nice setup. I think they will be releasing some white jug precise liners or the ones that are in the Icon 2s soon. They would look sick in your skates. Some white F1 frames with dark grey H block or the dark grey Featherlite 1 frames would also look sick.
USD Rat Tail Thrones w Different Liners
08 Feb 2009 comment on USD Rat Tail Thrones w Different Liners

I like the ones with the jug imperial liner in the most. [highlight=#cccccc][/highlight]
Sandal Skates
04 Feb 2009 comment on Sandal Skates

Wow. Cutting edge! Taking that freedom of feet concept to the next level! So what did make you want to turn a normal pair of slippers into an instrument of pain for you ankles? Please tell me that you tried them out. Total and utter FAIL if you did. I'm guessing you were bored?
Aragon 2
02 Feb 2009 comment on Aragon 2

[highlight=#cccccc]I used the Jug footbed. Fits nice as I have a size 7.5 UK foot. I tried out black cuffs on them with white buckles and thats what I am riding at the moment.[/highlight]
Aragon 2
31 Jan 2009 comment on Aragon 2

[highlight=#cccccc]In all fairness I have not seen any difference in the souls yet. But I guess only time will tell. The wheels are really nice. Good size for speed and grip well. Again only time will tell.[/highlight]

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