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Country: DE United Kingdom
State: Hampshire
City: Abberton


Member Since: 14 Jun 2008
Last Seen: 23 May 2021
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M3 S6 G7
14 Jan 2009 comment on M3 S6 G7

[highlight=#cccccc]Putting them on the wall! Thats a great idea. Don't think my Mrs would agree though. I do skate all of them in phases. Depends what mood I'm in. Although the Shima 6s shell have gone all weak and bendy, so they are in my spare parts box for a rainy day session. I can never bring myself to throw any old hardware away![/highlight]
14 Jan 2009 comment on St-90-2

[highlight=#cccccc]I used to have a pair of them and before that the STI teams. The soft boot top was awsome. I wish they still made them.[/highlight]
14 Jan 2009 comment on G7

Yah sure, be my guest. I miss the old cuffs that have a logo on the back. Its too large a space I feel not to be filled with some sort of detail. Its all about aesthetics.
USD Classic Throne
11 Jan 2009 comment on USD Classic Throne

Thats a nice setup. You don't need to be so defensive dude. There are not actually that many haters out there. Just stupid gromit kids.
Razors Icons 2
09 Jan 2009 comment on Razors Icons 2

Eulogy wheels are great. Why red and black? Are your skates like a size 11 or 12? They look massive.

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