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Country: DE United Kingdom
State: Hampshire
City: Abberton


Member Since: 14 Jun 2008
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Salomon ST-8 w SL souls
17 Dec 2008 comment on Salomon ST-8 w SL souls

Hey Justin. You in the states? It would be great if you could put together a SL Minton setup. I am a UK size 8 so US 9. But it would cost a small fortune to ship. I would have been prepared to give up $180 for just the boot if it was in good condition.
Salomon ST-8 w SL souls
15 Dec 2008 comment on Salomon ST-8 w SL souls

Damn good job on the custom!!! A real pioneering idea. Salomons were notoriously slow on backslides and farvs as the boot was effectively the backslide plate. I would pay real good money for a pair of black and white mintons with white SL bs plates and souls. But the old mintons are like gold dust.
Icons 2s
07 Dec 2008 comment on Icons 2s

Justin.... Good choice. You really don't need to change these skates too much. Just get rid of the stock razor wheels and swap the bearing for some Abec 7s. I'm kinda disappointed they don't come with white neoprene jug liners. Feels so nice on the foot! I'm still gonna get me some of these when my pay cheque comes in though!!! Whoopy!
Icons 2s
07 Dec 2008 comment on Icons 2s

Hey xlarge. Check out to see really good product pictures of the Icon 2s. Gives you a good idea of what they look like and you can jizz in your pants all you want to the pictures!!! You sound like the sort of person that would!
Just another SL revisited
07 Dec 2008 comment on Just another SL revisited

some good ideas with the clear spray to keep the colours, but the clear spray tends to make the plastics too glossy. Larger skates tend to be out of preportion as the cuff is the same size as the size 8, which they are originally designed around for sizing. You may wanna consider rotating your wheels or getting a new set. Proline do some good 57mm 94a wheels. last forever but slide on ramps like a bitch!

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