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Valo EB1
15 Oct 2007 comment on Valo EB1

Hahahahaha this place and frames sizes hillarious. Yes long frames are long.
13 Oct 2007 comment on Bailey

Was just about to do this exact custom for fun but now I have seen this there is no point! super heavy setup!
K2 King 55
13 Oct 2007 comment on K2 King 55

Best shit ever.
06 Oct 2007 comment on ARAGON PRO 2 - UNRELEASED 1

Well its not really a softboot is it - more like a normal razor boot with stuff stuck on it. Good looking, if they were out kids would buy them. But the new boot will be better...
Custom Shima 7
15 Sep 2007 comment on Custom Shima 7

[quote=Bassbeton6996][b]i don´t like the suspension frames because they suck[/b], but the setup and the colours look just amazing. this is the most stylish razors i´ve ever seen. [/quote] Nice blue colour but not the most stylish I have ever seen. Nice idea but like you said shame about the frames etc.

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