NIMH Shima V.1

Reccomended Setup from the NIMH guys featured on - GC Featherlite


scrEMO 00 says (04 Oct 2007)

thats an ugly set like
buyingrazors 00 says (02 Dec 2007)

its so funny how you guys just judge the skate on looks. its so obvs that shima hasnt concerntrated on looks. you skate this and i bet you 3 grand each that this skate is as good or even better than razors. shima is probably one of the most experienced roller bladers and he knows his stuff. this isnt gonna be shit.
khaleb666 00 says (04 Dec 2007)

buying razors is soooooooo right i do like gd looking skates but if they skate like a pile of shit wats the point. e.g i had usd billy o'neils lokk lush but when it came to skating them they were shite liner was shit pump dont work and the wheels fell apart. but with the nimh it better they look gd not great but gd and the look like they will skate amazing
P0Nt3 00 says (21 Jan 2008)

I heard they feel like the razors this true??? If so, they suck cuz the cults are way too stiff. They make USD thrones feel like a soft boot
Alonzho 00 says (17 May 2008)

I been skating for 11 years and it´s awesome to see new brands of skates made´s by real pro skaters like Shima... I´m totally agree with buyingrazors... and I´m totally sure that brand of skate would be amazing... I don´t expect less from those guys.. greetings from Chile

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Uploaded by: R1PS

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Category: Skates
Brand: Nimh
Model: Other

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