Nimh Shima V.1

This is the Shima V.1 by Nimh, owned and operated by Brian Shima and Jon Elliot.

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xlarge 00 says (08 Sep 2007)

<br>Hey Justin, what's your personal input on these skates?<br><br>Perosnally, I think they are somewhat gimmicky and therefore hyped. What exactly makes these skates "pro-level" skates? What is exactly is so "high quality" about these skates? For all I can tell from the pdf, their closeup pics ofthe skates don't exactly convey quality material or worksmanship even.<br><br>In addition, what exactly is so innovative about the skates? Shima mentioned a lacing system that laced up all the way to the cuffs. Well, Remz have had lace up all the way to the cuffs for the longest time. In addition, the skin concept isn't really that original either. And the liners look too much like Reign, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were shitty Reign quality either.<br><br>The only relatively original thing coming out of this Nihm skate is their <br>"non-grooved" soul plates. I mean, that's about it.<br><br>Again this is only my personal opinion. So if any one wants to be contructive please be so. I just hope these skates are reasonably priced, because as even Shima said it, the boots are not exactly original or new. And by reasonably priced, I mean a Nihm boot only for maybe $150 US? If they do that I will respect them even mroe and maybe even commit to buying them. If if they call themselves reasonably priced but charge $200-230 a boot, fucking forget about it. That would be a blatant rip off.<br><br><br><br><br>
Justin US says (08 Sep 2007)

Yeah, I hear you completely. I'm not sure where I stand since I obviously haven't tried them. I think the soul plate looks really good, like the new Deshi soul. The skin I'm not so into, a bit plain Just looks like a Valo with a Salomon buckle. I'm not into the Name or the gold on the boot. I'm especially not into the liners. I expected some sort of Neoprene liner or at least have lace holes and/or be a lot thicker since that's what Shima has been skating for years. But you also have to take into account Jon Elliots style, which this seems more like. So even though it's not so unique in style I think it looks good. I like that the toe around the plastic is already cut. It looks like the material will last there, what with all the layers. I don't see a point in it lacing all the way up, just seems pointless. I guess that's just preference. I would also like to see the boot with out the skin, even though you wouldn't skate it that way since there is no plastic over the toe. Over all I like it. I have a lot of respect for Shima and all that he's done for the industry so far. It's brave to start a boot company with no corporate backing. I would like to skate it. I hope that it comes in white or grey or mix would be even better. I'm not so into single color skates. Can't wait to try it.
SkateSetup DE says (08 Sep 2007)

no corporate backing? I hope so.. cuz they look so much like TRS skates. I hope this is no nimh / rollerblade venture we will see!
R1PS 00 says (08 Sep 2007)

Bare in mind this is not the final release version and is a photo of a prototype.
Justin US says (08 Sep 2007)

Here's a short interview with Shima
Fortunate Few
Fortunate Few 00 says (09 Sep 2007)

i dont even think the backslide is that new either i mean come on on the newer style trs the backslide is flat as well with the exception of the 2 newest coming out. i would like to see what the skate looks like without the skin.
xlarge 00 says (09 Sep 2007)

[quote=Fortunate Few]i dont even think the backslide is that new either i mean come on on the newer style trs the backslide is flat as well with the exception of the 2 newest coming out. i would like to see what the skate looks like without the skin.[/quote] imo, the nihm backslide plate [i]does not[/i] look new, nor does even look innovative. i mean, "make your own groove" backslide area? there couldn't be a bigger gimmick than that. unfortunately, all the stupid shima/elliot nuthuggers will lap all this hype up, and defend that moron elliot no matter what he does.
OKIFYOUSAYSO 00 says (13 Sep 2007)

looks great. if nihms are just a 'combination of other skates' (like some of you are saying), i'm sure that they'll be as good as, if not better, than the skates they're 'made up of'. after all, razors, trs and valos are all solid skates. plus this is just the first line, which means we've yet to get to the good stuff. remember how the first few deshi boots were all trial-and-error garbage? i bet these skate nicer (and last longer) than all of those combined.
Justin US says (14 Sep 2007)

I think that it will be an entirely new boot since Shima was talking about new molds. Also this company is independent which means he wouldn't have the rights to use someone else's mold. I could be wrong but I think I'm right.
Scottish_Dave 00 says (29 Sep 2007)

i was speaking to my mate and he was telling me that he heard the boot is apparetnly a mix between the salomon boot and the razors flat boot not sure wether it's true but you never know

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