Custom Shima 7

Custom Shima 7's. Dyed blue cuffs, dyed suspension arm, Prell suspension frames, white soulplates, white and blue laces. -


Bhunter US says (24 Apr 2007)

those are nice
wastegate13 00 says (26 Apr 2007)

[quote=koolio]they look pertty lame to me? i dunno what is so great about them? that is a perty fairy blue color if u ask me.[/quote] No one did ask you. [img][/img]
bryan 00 says (27 Apr 2007)

omg so sick i really want these
Bassbeton6996 00 says (06 May 2007)

i don´t like the suspension frames because they suck, but the setup and the colours look just amazing. this is the most stylish razors i´ve ever seen.
Sirromknot 00 says (07 May 2007)

These Are AWESOME!!!!!! They Look Amazing !!!! Where Did You Get Your Blue Dye From ???
R.M 00 says (11 May 2007)

this skate look good and your suspension look the same like the Benny Harmanus suspension
wastegate13 00 says (13 May 2007)

That's funny because I love the suspensions, better than the GC's that came on the skates. I recently purchased some white Reign liners, I'll snap some pics when they get here. EDIT: All the parts were purchased and dyed by Aggressivemall. They are great guys to work with!
TravMan 00 says (19 Jun 2007)

yes those skates r so freaking awsome i wish i had the same pair
TravMan 00 says (21 Jun 2007)

What size are they if 9 ill buy from you for 300$
IBI_Remz93 00 says (21 Jun 2007)

u need to put sum soul bolts in there. looks like ur souls r loose
IBI_Remz93 00 says (30 Jun 2007)

they stole ur frama idea.
IBI_Remz93 00 says (30 Jun 2007)

they stole ur frame idea
Justin US says (05 Jul 2007)

I think the USD's are gross. Somehow this looks perfect with the same color combo.
Justin US says (09 Jul 2007)

This setup is perfect.
deshikiks 00 says (09 Jul 2007)

fuck the dissers the skates kik ass
Murda44 00 says (21 Jul 2007)

is that a big gap in between the soul plate and the front of the boot?
Justin US says (24 Jul 2007)

This skate is only 11 comments behind the most viewed skate skate! Let's get it there!
slide-a-lot 00 says (27 Jul 2007)

i think that these have to be the sickest razors ive seen next to the deep scarlet m3's on am check em out
fullana 00 says (04 Aug 2007)

yeeeaa this is the best setup i've ever seen :) congratulations xD
Justin US says (05 Aug 2007)

[quote=wastegate13]I got tired of shady lock-ins with the suspensions so I switched them out for some Elements. They are kinda beatup but I think they look even better now. [IMG][/IMG][/quote] I had that same problem. How do you like the element frames? I think I would like them but they're just so expensive and I've never tried them.
Justin US says (09 Aug 2007)

[quote=Wastegate13] I've only skated them briefly and I'm still waiting on my antis to come in but I already like them more than the suspensions. These skates as they are posted at the top might be for sale soon if I can get my hands on a pair of CH1's to mate with my elements.[/quote] What size shell and liner?
i...roll92 00 says (14 Aug 2007)

they look ok but they dnt look like razors lol
delnotpre 00 says (14 Aug 2007)

what size are the boots and liners?
slickrick 00 says (14 Aug 2007)

sick as fuck blud mad skates but how much did u fukin spend on all this shit respect for the work
slickrick 00 says (14 Aug 2007)

also y du u think that the suspension dnt lock in gd
slickrick 00 says (14 Aug 2007)

u sed u cudnt justify buying new skates wudnt it hav been just the same if not less than purchasing all of these parts and dye and shit
slickrick 00 says (14 Aug 2007)

how much did it all cost including the skates
slickrick 00 says (14 Aug 2007)

oh ye phat as fuck u hav caught up to most commented skate thanks to me
slickrick 00 says (14 Aug 2007)

wont the dye on the arm come off near enuff straight away
IBI_Remz93 00 says (29 Aug 2007)

Nicceee. i love em
R1PS 00 says (15 Sep 2007)

[quote=Bassbeton6996][b]i don´t like the suspension frames because they suck[/b], but the setup and the colours look just amazing. this is the most stylish razors i´ve ever seen. [/quote] Nice blue colour but not the most stylish I have ever seen. Nice idea but like you said shame about the frames etc.
smewp slompy
smewp slompy 00 says (19 Sep 2007)

what's so bad about the frames? i've never ridden kizer suspensions
i...roll92 00 says (20 Sep 2007)

[size="5"][font=Courier New,Courier,mono;]they 4 sale m8 [/font][/size]
PaulHasSkates 00 says (01 Oct 2007)

they are soooooo fuckin steezy!! props to you and i love the dyed blue cuff job! excellent (Y)
joejamin121 00 says (05 Dec 2007)

i am jealous
David 00 says (05 Dec 2007)

sean kelso skates for usd [quote=kody]who is sean ???????[/quote]
NJFilmCore. 00 says (09 Dec 2007)

yo wen u dye em how do you get the razors logo to stay? does it just stay on its own? hit me up
EaseD 00 says (19 Dec 2007)

Thats fuckin Bad you cant get any Rit Dye in Germany... But sick skates! A shame, I have size 10.5 feet xD
joejamin121 00 says (12 Jan 2008)

best setup on the website
Majin-Kiisu 00 says (15 Jan 2008)

The touch of blue on the back of the frame is beautiful
P0Nt3 00 says (21 Jan 2008)

First time I seen those ugly ass frames look good on a skate...I didn't realize razors made cuffs in that blue...I'm not a fan of the colours but it's place settings for the colours are sick...maybe look better if it was like black and red...but I make all my skates black n red :P
nevernotrolling 00 says (17 Apr 2008)

sick! looks like your soulplate is falling off? n they are the sickest razors ive ever seen , probs because i love the kelsos
stubbsy 00 says (16 May 2008)

they look proper shred boris. boz fresh.
joejamin121 00 says (18 May 2008)

you do realise you can buy those EXACT frames
wastegate13 00 says (23 May 2008)

[quote=joejamin121]you do realise you can buy those EXACT frames[/quote] Not at the time that I was buying the parts. Plus Amall said they couldn't match the Harmani frame color exactly. The skates now have Kelso element frames on them but I haven't even used them in about 8 months. I'm going to start skating again here soon, I feel like I'm getting fat.
rouns1 00 says (27 May 2008)

skates are fresh
NuEraTJ 00 says (23 Jul 2008)

if these are a size 7 shell i would like to buy them, pm me

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