Rollerblade Tarmac CE 95

The first model of Tarmac CE (Chris Edwards). This was the FIRST aggressive skate on the market, one year before Roces release the 13M12. This skates came with a metal grind-plate, and 55mm/84A hyper wheels. The original grind-plate was replaced in 1996 by a hand-made polyethylene grind plates, and I installed a hand made soulplate & heelplate to make grinds more easy (notice: in Spain this kind of stuff don't exist at these early times. We started to buy this things when the 5ft element was on the market, because that we made all by ourselves). 2 years before, in 1998, I replaced the two-middle wheels by a hand-made anti-rockers, builded by cutting off with a saw the external part of the core of a old wheels. On the photo, the others wheels are Hyper Wheels

This skates was destroyed on the summer of 2006. RIP.
PS: Sorry for my bad english. Keep rolling. ;) -


Scottish_Dave 00 says (13 Feb 2007)

how can you say this skate was destroyed in the summer of 2007 when its only february? either you mean 2006 or they are going to be destroyed in summer 2007
xbauerx 00 says (14 Feb 2007)

[font=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;][/font]Sorry, I wrote the date wrong. The skates died last summer, landing a mute on drop. one of the frames break. I don't skate since year 2000, but my girlfriend want to learn how to skate. I get my old skates, and she learned to roll pretty well (now she got a USD Classic Throne with Kizer Omar Wysong Diamond Type M Frames... ;D ) and I rediscovered my old passion. Now we skate together. :) I will try to edit the wrong date. Sorry. JC. Bauer.
MaFa 00 says (14 Feb 2007)

HAHAAH Sick skate dude! I used to have the RB boxcar --> my very first agressive skate.
Bassbeton6996 00 says (14 Feb 2007)

Dude, this setup is definitly cool. RIP good old Tarmac.
Bassbeton6996 00 says (16 Feb 2007)

looks like 72mm wheels!
xbauerx 00 says (19 Feb 2007)

On this photo, I put a Hyper Freedom Concrete 76mm-84A on it (on the time of the photo, i got a TRS Limited for agressive and this for freeskate with my girlfriend). The original wheels are mounted on my TRS for the time of the photo. sorry for my bad english. :-/
xbauerx 00 says (05 May 2007)

[quote=spen le grys]hate to say it but the RB Boxcar was the first aggresive skate ever made.[/quote] both Boxcar (and chocolate, and Trooper, and others shell-derivates of Tarmac shell) are later skates than Tarmac. Tramac was two models: Chris Edwars 1995 and Tarmac, the first model is the FIRST model who was focused thinking on an aggressive skate style. Before this skate, the people usually transform some fitness skates on "pseudoaggressive" skates by quit the middle wheels and made grindplates and soulplates by himself. I started to skate with a Bauer XE3 (the origin of my nickname is this first pair of skates) converted. After Rollerblade start to sold this skates, Roces made the 13 Majestic 12, and at same time rollerblade injected the tarmac shell in others colors (brown, white, etc) to make the anothers skates. This is the history, I lived this far-away times on the history of rollerblading. Old good times... he he he... ;) Thanks for view my skates and read this lines. Keep on rolling! JC "Bauer"
Reynolds AU says (10 May 2007)

[Reynolds - you don't live in Michigan do you? I met a kid that rode Roces Impalas waaaay back when. He was actually pretty decent, for back then at least..[/quote] Nah Mate I'm Sydney based and born n bred ay, And I only ran the Impala inner boot in my Tarmac because the original liner in my Tarmacs fell to bits in a few months, The Impala innerboot was pimp back then, I've still got the Impala inner
R1PS 00 says (18 Aug 2007)

Amazing, I owned a pair of these they looked very similar to the state of these ones when they gave up on me. I still have mine and they have been set up to skate again, they have a razors baseplate and a usd tumor plate and razors high soft cuffs. I'll dig them out and put a picture up next week if i can find them.
delnotpre 00 says (20 Aug 2007)

[b][/b][b]spen le grys, you're a fool. boxcar's were not first first. the tarmacs aren't even a true aggressive skate, therefore they cannot even be the "first". the tarmac was just a Lightning TRS boot and frame (which was a RECREATIONAL SKATE) which simply had metal tri-grindplates slapped onto them, and re-adjusted with more aggressive oriented wheels. that's all there is to it. the majestic 12's were the first true aggressive skate, whereby a completely new chassis was made for the purpose of grinding.[/b]
nitm2k NL says (27 Sep 2007)

Hang those on your wall:) awsome skate!
kirk 00 says (24 Apr 2008)

i had these skates too. the stock metal grindplate was a death trap. they wraped underneath the frame making a flat metal surface. Try hitting a street rail with that groveless mess...................
teajae2002 US says (23 May 2008)

the roces streets were out at the same time as the boxcars...wayy before the tarmacs and the m12s
Bassbeton6996 00 says (23 Jun 2008)

[quote=teajae2002]the roces streets were out at the same time as the boxcars...wayy before the tarmacs and the m12s [/quote] no. street and tarmac where out at the first time. then the tarmac CE with the metal plate was released together with m12. later RB released CE chocolate and CE trooper together with the boxcar. and tarmac was an lightning shell and frame, street was an fco shell and frame.
richieramone 00 says (26 Jun 2008)

I remember grinding threw the frames of these! Awesome shape! I also made soulplates for it. I found some hard as cheap wheels which i adapted on a hand Drill, and then grinded them down on a sharpening tool, making my 1st anti rocker wheels.
Edd20022 GB says (22 Oct 2008)

Classic, simply classic!
max 00 says (22 Oct 2008)

i got these skates just in way better condition
Sk8erguy US says (26 Apr 2010)

This was my very first aggressive skate. I got em for my 10th birthday.
pwb85 US says (04 Feb 2014)

bump. Amazing skates

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