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Valo v13 Impala blue
morrow170 flag says (30 Jan 2015)

Cheers man
Valo v13 Impala blue
mlb4sheaz flag says (30 Jan 2015)

These are sick, i love them
Deshi CH1 Gray For Sale
Buy this!
guile44 flag says (27 Jan 2015)

these are still available
Fifth Elements
Buy this!
Rendrz flag says (24 Jan 2015)

Will also swap for same skates in a size 8US. NOT THE 9.5 SHELL SIZE!!! I need the one size smaller which are like hens teeth
nillith flag says (21 Jan 2015)

Right on, def been considering slimlines for my next set of frames.
Marshall303 flag says (21 Jan 2015)

Clear kizer fluids are a waste of money and time! Slim lines are the sh!t
nillith flag says (21 Jan 2015)

How do you like the clear fluids?
fusion x3
calypso90 flag says (20 Jan 2015)

Where can I buy these I cNt find anywhere that's stocks them or can someone advise me where to buy transparent cuffs please xx

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