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USD Aeon

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USD Aeon...
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Team Edition

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Size US 11 (shell size 13, but runs small), using thinner tr...
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USD ufs throne

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this is my skates. usd ufs thronekizer fluid frameuc lomax w...
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2016 USD carbon free team boots. Kizer fluid 4 frames. Gawds...
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Carbon XV

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Loving that exposed carbon fiber.GC Freestyle FramesHaffey E...
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USD Mathieu Ledoux custom Carbon 2 boots with create CRS fra...
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Jeff Dalnas Seba Souls

Jeff Dalnas Seba Souls

USD Carbon Free Jeff DalnasUSD Carbon Cuffs BlackSeba CJ sou...
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Old Classic Throne Skate

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My new setup, Brand new old Usd Throne team skate (2004?) wi...
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USD skates are among the most popular today! USD was founded in the mid/late 1990s by Matthias Knoll the founder of Powerslide. Quickly 'new school skaters' such as Josh Petty joined the team. Rumors say that he got paid 50.000$ by USD to quit Roces. By investing lots of money, USD had the best skating team in the year 2000. Dustin Latimer and Brian Shima re-defined skating in the USD Team Video Coup d'etat. Sidenote: Domink Sagona skated USD in 2000 as flowrider. I even skated with him and Damian Wilson at Fremont Elementary in Santa Ana (RIP). Later that year I was really disappointed when I found out that he switched to K2.. Lets get back to the history of USD.. After Coup d'etat USD was established as the top brand in skating.. Even though some of their skates flopped i.e. USD Psirus.. the brand remained strong.. (with the support of people such as Mark Korte ;-)).. Unfortunately the 2000 USD team split up. Shima left USD to skate with his buddy Jon Elliot (I wonder how their relationship is today). Aaron Feinberg joined USD. Everybody thought that Aaron was already some washed out pro but he proved everybody wrong. He once again redefined skating (and USD) by dropping one hammer after the other in the Mindgame Videos. PS: Does anybody still has the AF Hammer Mindgame Pro Wheel?

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